Welcome to my fitness blog!

Glad you stopped by. I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself.

My name is Kyle O’Brien. I live just outside of Boston, MA and hold down a 9-5 job as a clinical data curator (aka an indoor job with limited to to zero movement). I am also doing online work to complete a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics and am also doing some other online work for a second job. Basically, I am a busy guy as I am sure many of you are. It is hard to find free time to relax and the little time I do have, I desperately cherish. In the midst of life and everything that goes on in it, my fitness has slipped and I lost my way. Those missed workouts and late night meals accumulated along with the pounds. One day, I looked in the mirror and no longer recognized the guy looking back. It was at this point, that I decided that a change needed to happen.

I realize that I am not alone in this predicament. I am sure millions of people feel the same way. Sometimes, the best way to get started is just to take the first step. I am here to say that we can take it together. This blog is as much to hold myself accountable as it is to share my journey and hopefully help others. I encourage everyone to comment and share their story, thereby holding themselves accountable and kickstarting a whole new lifestyle.

I am going to track every day of my journey, the ups and the inevitable downs. After all, I am not perfect and will make mistakes, but that is part of life. We will all make mistakes, but success isn’t about avoiding these mistakes, it is about getting back up after they knock you down. I will share my starting pictures (sorry in advance) and measurements as well as my daily workouts, activities and nutrition (unfortunately where the majority of your fitness success is determined). I will also throw in some fitness advice, daily inspirational quotes and may even draw in some wise words from people much smarter than myself.

I hope that my words and my journey can inspire you, I know that every single person reading this will inspire me.  My official posts will start on Sunday (7/12) and continue daily from there. I want the same thing for you as I do myself. I want to look at myself in the mirror, see the control over my body and realize that I have the confidence to achieve anything that I set my mind to. This is much more about taking control of your body, it is about taking control of your life.

Let’s do this!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao tzu


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